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First of all, thanks for helping!

NewsToYou is a new breed of "content scanner", for lack of a better term, that will allow the continuous monitoring of the overwhelming amount of information that is being published on the internet every minute.

We need your help to do this! To participate in the building of the world's biggest virtual search machine, please see the link below.

Below, you will see a link that says NTYFeed. Click that, answer yes to the security dialog (which we are attempting to get changed, in cooperation with Sun, to only ask for network permissions), and you will see the display showing the progress of your machine in the search process. All of the data found by your machine will then become visible, usable search data for the client software of NewsToYou.

If you do not have Java Web Start, you will see below a link that will enable you to install it on your computer. Once installed, re-start your browser, load this page again, and the link will change. Click, and you are participating in NewsToYou.

Thanks for your interest, we hope you'll join the grid...

NTY Feed

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