This system is available for licensing! The software that runs NewsToYou is a multi-tier system written entirely in Java, which makes it portable to virtually any current hardware/operating system environment.

It has the capability of digesting data from html pages, xml sources, or direct transfer from a wire service server. It is multi-threaded, extrememly controllable, and very flexible.

It is based on a distributed model, with virtually no work done by the central data server. Instead, the work is offloaded to the client systems for the actual searching of the data, and to a series of "feed" machines that do the actual intake, parsing, and processing of the incoming data. All of these "feeds" coordinate their activity through the central server, insuring minimal replication of processing. This allows the system to scale to as many "feeds" as desired, while still requiring a minimal investment in the central server.

This powerful distributed computing system is also available for license. It can be run on virtually any input data desired, creating a customizable real-time monitoring system for web sites, chat rooms, news wires, internal data streams, or other sources.

It is entirely portable, requiring only java on the server, client and feed machines. The feeds are highly configurable, able to be controlled on a per-url/source basis.

The applet can be incorporated into any web site with the addition of a single tag, and the whole system is available on a per-server/capacity basis, or can be run entirely for you by us on a turn-key basis, with you just having to tell us what data to put into your version of the system.

We intend shortly to begin distribution of a controlled version our Java "feed" classes to willing participants, in order to build a system similar to Seti At Home. Their system is an awesome example of the power of distributed computing. With the distribution of our data processing classes, we, too, will begin to build a "distributed supercomputer".

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