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We are a small company, concentrated on the development of an innovative, fully distributed software architecture that promises to make keeping up with the constant deluge of information on the web as easy as loading a web page. Our system, written entirely in Java, takes advantage of the amazing power available to a system that can run a decentralized model.

What are we? We are not a news service per se, but a new breed of "near-real-time" search engine. We do not originate information ourselves, but instead monitor a carefully selected set of web sites for new content. Then, if those match your preferences, you are alerted to their existence, in real-time (close, anyway), and can click on the title of the page to go to that site and see the page for yourself! You can read more about our system if you are interested here.

We are now in our second phase, building the world's first fully distributed content scanner. This technology will retain, move, and conglomerate knowledge in a unique new way. With the simple click of a mouse, you can add the resources of your machine and internet bandwidth into this new virtual machine, searching the web for the current events that are now so hard to keep up with. While running, the spider software shows you what the URL's it is processing, and how many it has done. With the installation of the Sun Java Web Start software, you can turn your computer into one of the nodes of the virtual search machine.

If you are interested in helping us to build the most capable real-time content scanner on the web, please see the spider page.

We are currently seeking qualified investors and partners. If you are interested in learning more about , please email us using the link below. Thank you! - making the web self-aware® Copyright 2003-2010,
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